The Live Oaks Renaissance Faire
And Summer Market!
Brought to you by people who brought you the
original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Agoura!
The Thistle and Joe Virtual Pub and Coffee House
A Highlander fan's refuge outside of Scotland!
HIGHLANDER fans: check this one out!
**THE** alternative "Highlander" site!!!
Chili Graphics/GR8TFLY (Great to Fly)
(I have no idea what you'll find here. Maybe something good, maybe something bad . . .
Chuck's a pilot, among other things. He's going to get around to finishing his page
when he feels like it. Meanwhile you can tell him "update your stupid page
already" and look at the pretty pictures.)
(THIS Photo is copyright Chuck Gould/Chili Graphics; and is used with permission)
Shorter the list grows as some of my favorite links pass from this world. Let us pause here for a moment to remember "Light," and think good thoughts for those who once frequented there.
Rhiannon's Pages (Always interesting)

The Unofficial Forbidden Planet Home Page

(No Longer Exists. Shhhh. I love their logo so I'm keepingit up.)

PonyExpress: CCC Pony's very own home page (e-World lives!).