The main parking lot; with ducks swimming.


I got to the Western Town about three o’clock, and immediately met up with J. Paul and David Springhorn, who were just leaving, wet as herrings. They told me that they had met Kevin as they were coming in, around one o’clock, and he was just leaving, soaked to the skin, having just delivered a bit of Ron to Procession Hill.

There were two folk waiting for me, Michele Crocfer (Criers), and her husband, Cason Smith (Military). We decided to brave the weather, and did the village tour that i had offered. It was great fun, splashing around
the Site and pointing out all the historical landmarks, and a good time was had by all.

It was wonderful to see the Site being rained-on, and with all of the watercourses full and raging. I had been out to Medea Creek for my birthday (1 March), and now it was a good five feet higher, and moving at about fifteen miles an hour. I saw an old chunk of 4x4 float by, and
wondered if’n it had been part of the Faire...

Drury Creek was full to the banks, and in truth was carving away at the constraining earth. The sound of the running water from the bridge near Mainstage was very impressive, and where the most westerly road (between Celt Camp and Witch’s Wood) crossed the creek, there was so much rushing water that it was uncrossable.

We were out there for an hour and a half, and had a glorious time. Every stitch on my bod was dripping rainwater, and when i got home, i sloshed with every step, and left wet prints everywhere. Five Stars...

And such was the 13th annual Renaissance Faire Reunion.