Time to go home again.
Spring is nearing and Paramount Ranch
is calling out to the faithful to return.

This year the picnic is on Sunday, March 18th. For those who are regulars that should come as no surprise.

First this message - DON'T SPOOK THE HORSES!

Okay, I've gpttem that over with.

This information has worked for the last few years so here it is again:

We had been gatherering in Witches' Wood, but it's still in recovery mode so we'll be where Main Stage used to be (same as last year). We meet around 11 AM and trail off in time to get our cars out of the parking lot by sundown. Please keep that in mind as we have been late getting out in the past. The rangers are helpful but they have rules they have to follow, and probably have places they'd rather be.

As with most picnics you'll want to bring food, and you might think about bringing some to share if it's something you feel that way about. WATER is also a good idea, in addition to anything else you bring to drink.

We will not have toilets on scene, so plan accordingly. The nearest ones are in the Old Western set.

Musical instruments are encouraged. Fun is mandatory. Alcohol is allowed in moderation (park rules, not ours).

After lunch we will gather to honor those who have passed. Because of the ravages of time we willl not be on the top of procession hill for the reading of the names, but that does not meen you can't go up there on your own. It has been an emotional time at past picnics, one more thing that binds us to our tribe.

Now the bad news, as requested by the Park Service:

There is no smoking (of anything) allowed in the park trail areas. That includes everywhere we will be. Sorry, that's the rule of the National Park Service. Actually I'm not sorry, as I'm a non-smoker, but I do sympathize. (If you get arrested for smoking my sympathy will wane, as it can impact our ability to do this again next year.) Also remember that the rules are Federal and not State, so if you get caught with marijuana it's a Federal offense (literally).

Please also remember that we are sharing the park with others. We do not have an exclusive right to the facilities. Please clean up after yourselves and be polite to those who pass by (Or ask them to join us). And DON'T ARGUE WITH THE RANGERS!.

Walk lightly on the land.

See you there.