Between the Oaks
By Lawrence H. DeLacruz
© 1999


The Green Man gathers his friends on hallowed ground.

From the four corners of the Earth they gather in a place of memories.

Some have left this life for a new, others not present for their path went away.

Grand Damme shepherds children for Estara by the Green Man's side

The truths behind tales exposed.

Drums and dancing, music sweet in shades between worlds.

Dances of frolic, ecstasy unbound

Tears of joy cry loud.

A family reunited through deep mists of time.

Upon a hill we call our dead one times fifty seven and more.

Corners opened; Corners closed.

Ashes of one to rest on this hill ever more.

We Drum, we dance, our magic is once more.

We who created a Faire world will always know.

The plywood, the burlap, the lines strung taught;

Even the name means nothing without love.

So as possibilities are pondered in early sleeps light

Remember the dream and bring it to

Life !


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