Why This Site Is Here

This is a personal website. Someday you will find a business site here, and this will be buried a level or two down. I hope that something here might enlighten, inform, or inspire you in some way. I apologize to those of you who expected to find Dragons or Chinese Dragondance here. If you are looking for Dragon related gifts, posters and other trinkets I strongly recommend "Dancing Dragon," a site this is often confused with.

As with most personal websites this one doesn't have a directed point to make. It's a collection of things I want to tell people and a few thoughts on what is important to me.

I don't know what it was that brought you here. I hope you don't think this is everything I am about. A lot of this is left over from a time when personal websites were rare, and so anything was acceptable. Some of it is just things I didn't want to leave behind, kind of like a closet filled with the things you never use but won't throw out.

So here I am with space to fill, and you're here with things to read. Welcome.